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Atlas of Woody Plant Stems : Evolution, Structure, and Environmental Modifications / von Fritz H. Schweingruber, Annett Börner, Ernst D. Schulze

This atlas gives a unique assemblage of microscopic wood slides and demonstrates the reaction to environments in which plants form woody stems. It gives insight into the evolution of wood, to many aspects of wood anatomy and the response to climate, and an introduction to the methodology to study wood. Special attention has been given to the unique feature of secondary growth. It occurs in annual as well as in thousand year old living plants and is the base for a great morphological and physiological diversity. The aesthetic and perfect functional structures in the photos are accentuated by the appealing design of the book. Beauty next to the wide ranging scientific content make the book attractive. TOC:The Evolution of Plant Stems in the Earth's History.- The Structure of the Cormus.- Secondary Growth: Advanteages and Risks.- Modification of the Stem Structure.- Modification of the Xylem Within a Plant.- Modification of Organs.- Wood Structural Variability.- Modifications Caused by Weather and Climate.- Modifications Caused by Extreme Growth Factors.- Decay of Dead Wood.- Microscopical Preparation